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  • ECOPOWER SPORTS map compass, navigational compass for hiking and explorer the outdoors.
  • ECOPOWER SPORTS Map compass night vision
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Navigational Compass - Buy Now

EcoPower Sports

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Navigational Compass - ECOPOWER SPORTS® 

It will assist any adventurous traveller wherever they go, Day and Night.

  • Due to its precision, small size, and lightweight, this baseplate compass ticks all the expectations boxes of a veteran hiker as well as the young Boy Scout.
  • For safe and enjoyable camping, hiking, mountaineering, or orienteering experience you need to have accurate map-reading equipment like the Eco Power Sports Explorer compass. 
  • If for any reason your next outdoor adventure takes place at nighttime, don't worry; the luminous markings will help you to find your way.
  • With an even better precision reading, this reliable outdoor instrument is sturdy, well designed, and will be with you, in many adventures to come.





    E.P.S -Explorer X Compass.

    With 14 Plus features available, ECOPOWER SPORTS -Explorer X- certainly tick all the boxes you need.

    Fully Waterproof

    Romer Scales


    Ruled Edge in (mm) and (In)

    luminous Glow For Night Travel, and Many More.



    How To Use A Navigational compass

    Step 1: Create your line of travel

    First of all you need to know where you are on the map, Point A and where you want to go, point B.

    Place your map on a flat surface and orient it so that north is at the top. Use the edge of the compass, to line up your start point (A) and destination point (B). Make sure the direction of travel arrow is pointing to your destination.

    Step 2: Align compass orientation lines to Grid north lines on map.

    Holding the compass still on the map, turn the compass housing bezel, until it  lines up the red orientation lines inside the compass bezel with the grid lines (South-North lines) on the map. Make sure the orienting arrow is facing the Grid north on the map.

    Step 3: Adjust compass for magnetic variation

    While magnetic variation is a real concern in some parts of the world, in the UK, this variation is not as big. Nevertheless if you are looking for precision in your destination, adjusting your magnetic variation will be handy.

    In the UK the magnetic variations are between -1° and 4°.

    Turning the compass bezel anticlockwise you will be adding positive magnetic variations, or  turning the bezel clockwise to REMOVE negative variations.


    Holding the compass flat, and with the direction of travel arrow pointing straight ahead, slowly start to turn around, you and the compass altogether.

    Pay attention to the compass’s magnetic red needle movement, you should keep on turning till the red needle is inside the orienting arrow or (THE RED IS IN THE SHED)   

    After all this is setup, the direction of travel arrow should still be  pointing straight ahead.

    Look ahead to the direction of your destination,  and pick a landmark, such as a hill, a big tree or anything distinguishable, that doesn't move. 

    When you arrive at your chosen landmark, find a new target landmark and keep on going until you arrive at your destination.


    (keep the compass away from your body, in case you are wearing clothes with metal buttons, or pen, water bottle, any metal item could give you a wrong or inaccurate reading) 

    Make sure you don’t  move the compass bezel otherwise you could go off track.